Review Policy

***Thankyou for stopping by my blog. Due to personal reasons i will not be accepting any books for review through February and March. I also wont be blogging much during this period, so i will not be able to participate in book tours or promotions***

Note to authors and publishers:

I would love to review or promote your book. I read primarily young adult novels but do read and enjoy adult novels as well.  I prefer paranormal romance, dystopian, historical fiction, contemporary and fantasy. This said, I will read anything really, if it appeals to me. If the book is part of a series, I would prefer to read prior books before starting in the middle.

I will accept Young Adult or Adult books, preferably in the genres listed above. I prefer ARCs and finished copies. I will accept Ebooks in mobi format. I will happily accept self published books, should it appeal to me of course. Should your self published book be poorly edited however, it is unlikely I will read it. 

All books will be reviewed in a timely manner, normally within 4-6 weeks time. If you would prefer that a review be posted on a specific date, please let me know. I post all my reviews to Goodreads and Amazon, and I will also do a video review to be posted to my youtube channel . I will not post a review if I cannot finish the book. It's rare that I do not finish a book, although I will sometimes put it down and try it again later.

My reviews are fair and honest. I include a mixture of things I like and didn't like about a book.  I do not want to trash a book, so if I really hate a review book, or do not finish it, I will not post a review. All reviews will include the cover art, links to Goodreads and Amazon and a 5 star rating. I am open to including any other information you might like included, just let me know in the request.  

My star rating, is as follows: 
1 star= This book is so bad i couldnt even finish.
2 stars= Finished it. Just. And thats probably the biggest compliment the book will get.
3 stars= Its ok. Didnt hate it, didnt love it.
4 stars= This book is great.
5 stars= OMG, go read this now 

I really only give out 3,4 and 5 stars as I don't review books i don't enjoy. 
Blog Tours and Author Interviews 

I would love to participate in a blog tour. I would prefer 4-6weeks notice, but depending on my schedule, will consider blog tours with less notice. I am also happy to do author interviews on a case by case basis, if i enjoy their work. 

Please contact me at lanisku [at] gmail [dot] com for all review inquiries. 

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