Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Book Trailer- Marquel by Emily W Skinner

The author of Marquel, Emily Skinner, recently contacted me and asked if I'd like to review her debut novel. It sounded awesome so i took her up on the offer. Just check out the trailer, its amazing! And just an FYI, that's her daughter starring, and her other daughter directed the clip. Talented family huh?!

I just started reading it last night and cant wait to read more.

Synopsis from Amazon:
Marquel is an actress who rises to prime-time soap stardom only to suffer a mental breakdown.Zach Manning, her therapist, compromises his professional ethics by falling in love with his beautiful new patient.Mark Collins, a tabloid journalist, tries to reveal Marquel's shocking past before she can recall it -- making it a race against time to see who gets there first.Marquel is a retro 1990's novel that travels from Florida to Hollywood and back again.

Check it out here on Amazon or here on the Book Depository. 

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